Acupuncture Procedures


Needles, Magnets & Seeds

Very one use serile needles are inserted into points and zones within the ear using a variety of needling techniques.

Flying Needles

The needle is rotated (spun) very quickly into position

Bleeding Needle

A sterile neeedle is swiflty inserted and withdrawn to release a small amount of blood


The needle is inserted into the point then rotated very gently so that the needle travels just under the skin surface allowing more than one point to be linked together


Qi is the 'vital force', 'energy' which is used by scanning the area and allowing the Qi to guide the needle to help discover how it needs to be manipilated to give the optimum result

Ear Magnets and Seeds

For use with client who require extra help or are unable to attend regulaerly, are needle phobic, or are children, this is a useful technique

The seed does not break the skin so there is no risk of infection and the pressure created is always even.

The use of Magnetic balls which do not require ant stimulation and therefore there is no risk of breaking the skin